curl --get '' \
     --data "api_key=demo" \
     --data "bbox=-119.719970,39.523343,-119.718232,39.524452"
  "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "features": [{
    "type": "Feature",
    "properties": {
      "release": 2,
      "capture_dates_range": "8/1/2018-10/1/2018"
    "geometry": {
      "type": "Polygon",
      "coordinates": [[

This API lets users download building outlines as detected by satellite imagery for regions of the US, Canada, Australia, Uganda, Tanzania, and potentially more countries.

This dataset was generated as part of the Daylight Map project and is traditionally hard to query because it requires converting between difficult file formats.

Downloading building outlines inside a bounding box can be useful in many GIS applications including calculating rooftop area for evaluating solar installations, determining the right dropoff location for logistics, and calculating frontages for development opportunities.

Request Parameters

default: "None"

This is the bounding box for extracted features. The coordinates (in EPSG:4326) of the bounding box are required to be in (minimum longitude, minimum latitude, maximum longitude, maximum latitude) order. Coordinates are expressed as signed floats joined by commas.

An example bounding box in the US could be -108.984375,32.026706,-103.051758,37.195331.

You can create a bounding box on bboxfinder, or in shapely by invoking the bounds property on a geometry.


Your account’s API key. You can create an API key by registering for an account and copy and paste it from your account dashboard.


When the OSM feature extract is successfully created, a 200 OK response will be issued, with Content-Type: application/json. The body will be a valid GeoJSON FeatureCollection with the building outlines.

In the event of an error, an error response will be issued, usually with a 5xx error code. The error will be JSON-formatted, with an error field describing the cause.


The error message if the extract request parameters were incorrectly formatted.

This response field will not be present if the extract succeeds.

Data License

This API serves Daylight data, which is open, freely available, and licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

Building data © OpenStreetMap contributors, Microsoft, Esri Community Maps contributors: